To make cold brew coffee, you have to steep course grounded beans into some water. You aren’t required to use any type of special equipment to do this either. It’s actually a method that is quite easy to do and is able to brew some of the best home cold brews by doing it yourself.

The downside for some might be the fact that it can take up to 12 hours or so to complete the process. In this case, you need to make sure you plan ahead.

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What You’ll Need

What You’ll Need

Ingredients that you will be needing are some coffee beans that you have grounded, and water that is cold or room temperature. A vessel for brewing will also be needed. A lid with some plastic wrap and a stirring tool.

If you prefer a coffee maker, you can purchase a cold brew coffee maker if you want something a bit fancier. They aren’t too expensive to acquire. A French Press would be the perfect option as a home iced coffee maker.

In order to make the best brew, you’ll want to acquire the best quality coffee grounds. Getting a course grind will work out better for when you get ready to filter the grounds; it makes the process easier. It’s best to choose whole beans to grind yourself so that you have a nice, fresh, course grind. If you want to be able to taste coffee in the purest form, then it is best to spend a little bit extra to do so.

Start with four cups of water that is filtered and 1 cup of grounded coffee. This will give you about 4 cups of coffee, which comes out to 6 servings. You can always make a larger batch if you desire to.

Mix it

Mix it

Now that you have your ingredients prepared pour your ground coffee into the container. As you are stirring the grounds, pour the water over your beans.

The grounds will start to permeate into the water, adding color and its flavor to it. You will start to notice the color change/difference almost immediately.


Steep and Brew

Steep and Brew

Once you have soaked your coffee beans into the water completely, cover your brew container that has a plastic wrap covering or some sort of lid and place it inside your refrigerator for twelve hours. Depending upon your taste, you could even leave it sitting in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

Filtering the coffee

You have to filter the coffee next for the final steep. Use whatever filter system you find the most convenient for you. You’ll want to remove as many coffee grounds as possible to avoid any grains being in the coffee when you drink it.

Using a strainer for very fine grains is also one option that you can use that you might find does a very good job with removing very fine particles of grains. If there are any leftover grains inside the liquid, you can use a paper filter to drain out the rest.

Make sure when you are filtering your coffee that you are pouring at a slow pace. You don’t want to pour too much at once with can cause an overflow or mess.


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